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The Nakba Catastrophe's Enduring Legacy in Israel/Palestine ("Zion's Legacy") - video


The Nakba forced the Palestinians into a 'refugee nation.' This video explores the enduring consequences, with a focus on refugee camps and the ongoing struggles faced by displaced Palestinians. The systematic expropriation of Palestinian lands by Israel created barriers to return, contributing to a global diaspora. Refugee camps, symbolizing the ongoing struggle for justice, face challenges such as overcrowding and limited resources. Citizenship rights in host countries pose restrictions, impacting mobility and social services, while integration challenges persist for Palestinian in Israel, marked by historical discrimination in education, housing, and employment. The Nakba's impact remains a dynamic force contributing to the ongoing conflict.

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Cynthia F. Hodges, JD, LLM, MA has authored noteworthy books that challenge mainstream narratives and demonstrate a commitment to truth and justice.

 “Zion’s Legacy: The Nakba Catastrophe and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict” - available at

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