Wednesday, January 10, 2024

DEWs: The Secret Weapons Behind the “Havana Syndrome” (video)



Covert Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) operate beyond conventional arms, raising skepticism due to limited information and classified technology. DEWs use concentrated energy on targeted victims, offering strategic advantages and potential mind control capabilities. Protecting against DEW exposure is challenging, and regulation and oversight are needed. Existing legal frameworks partially cover DEWs, but comprehensive regulations are required. A multifaceted approach is necessary to mitigate harm caused by DEWs.

More information @ the Targeted UK website: (also on Gab @TargetedUK)

Attorney and author, Cynthia F. Hodges, JD, LLM, MA, excels in law, writing, translation (German), and equestrian pursuits (dressage). She is also the author of "Den of Vipers: Central Banks & the Fake Economy,” and is known for challenging mainstream narratives in her quest for truth.


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Cynthia F. Hodges, JD, LLM, MA
Attorney at Law


Juris Doctor: South Texas College of Law (Houston, TX)

LLM (Environmental Law): Lewis and Clark Law School (Portland, OR)

Masters of Arts (Germanic Studies): The University of Texas at Austin

Law License: Washington State



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