Monday, January 8, 2024

Divided We Stand: (((Communism’s))) Threat to America's Future (“CODE RED”) - video


"CODE RED: The Secret Communist Takeover of America" is available at




The US faces a seismic ideological shift as Marxist ideas challenge capitalism and constitutional values. This rise threatens fundamental pillars, risking economic overhaul, increased control, and free speech limitations. Debates on digital IDs and wealth redistribution spark fears of privacy breaches and reliance on the state. Divisions over ideologies deepen societal rifts, raising concerns about national unity and internal conflicts. Talk of state secession mirrors widespread discontent. Despite peaceful resistance facing pushback from oppressive regimes, history proves non-violent methods can counter communism, as seen in the fall of the Berlin Wall and the USSR’s dissolution.

 "Code Red: The Secret Communist Takeover of America" delves into communism's contemporary threat, aiming to raise awareness and protect American liberties against communist influence.

Attorney and author, Cynthia F. Hodges, JD, LLM, MA, excels in law, writing, translation (German), and equestrian pursuits (dressage). She is also the author of "Den of Vipers: Central Banks & the Fake Economy,” and is known for challenging mainstream narratives in her quest for truth.


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Praise for "Code Red":


"I purchased 'Code Red' as soon as Augria Books 📚 started dropping promos on it. 

I am only about 2.5 chapters in, but I can tell you already. This is a masterfully written piece on How Jewish Communism has snuck up on the United States and put a Choke Hold on it. 

I'm super excited to read more of the facts and more of Author Cynthia Hodges perspective on the matter. Hodges also Authored 'Den of Vipers' which is a amazing book on the fake usury based monetary system we currently live under. 

Great book to have in your Library guys 👦 I suggest grabbing this literary piece it's a gem 💎

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Cynthia F. Hodges, JD, LLM, MA
Attorney at Law


Juris Doctor: South Texas College of Law (Houston, TX)

LLM (Environmental Law): Lewis and Clark Law School (Portland, OR)

Masters of Arts (Germanic Studies): The University of Texas at Austin

Law License: Washington State


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