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The Ongoing Nakba: A Call for Resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (“Zion’s Legacy”) - video


 The Israeli-Palestinian conflict, deeply rooted in historical disputes and the quest for self-determination, faces a formidable challenge symbolized by the ongoing Nakba. The term signifies a continuous cycle of structural violence, colonization, and oppression against Palestinians, framing the current conflict as an extension of historical injustices. Despite opportunities for dialogue, challenges persist due to settlement expansions, security measures, and a cycle of violence eroding trust between the parties. The enduring crisis in Palestine reflects the ongoing Nakba, necessitating a comprehensive resolution that addresses root causes such as the refugee crisis and the right of return. To achieve lasting peace, a commitment to reconciliation, recognition of historical injustices, and meaningful dialogue are essential, fostering empathy and understanding for harmonious coexistence in the Middle East.

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Cynthia F. Hodges, JD, LLM, MA has authored noteworthy books that challenge mainstream narratives and demonstrate a commitment to truth and justice.

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